About Us

We started with a simple premise: have a lot of salon-quality hair products, and ship them anywhere!

Have you ever found the product you wanted on a site, and then found they don’t ship to your country? Have you ever found the conditioner you wanted… but only in a mini bottle? … or no matching shampoo? That’s why we started this business: We want to make shopping for hair products a stress-free, frustration-free, tangle-free  experience.

One of our founding partners had over 35 years of professional experience in the hair care business, and with his guidance we put together a line-up of great hair products that we’re sure you’ll love.

We are proudly based in Victoria, BC, Canada, and we ship our products anywhere served by Canada Post and their international partners.

Please see Ordering and Shipping for more details.

Quick Fact #1: We are located in Canada, but shipping overseas is easy-peasy.

Quick Fact #2: We live on a beautiful island off the west coast of British Columbia; it’s called Vancouver Island… but Vancouver is across the straight from us. We have towns with names like “Nanaimo” and “Chemainus”. Our natural environment has long inspired artists, including the famous Emily Carr.

Quick Fact #3: We’re very close to Seattle, Washington, and we share their love of craft beer and locally roasted coffee; nothing really to do with hair products, but just in case you manage to travel here you might be interested 🙂