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We’re real people, so when you contact us you can expect a reply pretty quickly; we’ll try to answer your questions as thoughtfully and thoroughly as possible.


COVID-19 Update: We are accepting and shipping orders, although things might take a couple of days longer than usual.

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    Just Hair Products
    PO Box 30184 Reynolds PO
    Victoria BC V8X 5E1

    (Toll free in North America)

    We are on the West Coast (3 hours behind the East Coast), so please keep that in mind when calling; calling between 10pm and 7am (our time) will likely just reach some sleeping people.

    Note: We’re aware that our voicemail recording sounds “not so good”, but please feel free to leave us a message — we’ll be able to hear you just fine. If you have detailed questions, using our email form or a direct email is probably the best way to reach us.

    Other Note: We’re real people and we don’t use an overseas call center… odd, but true 🙂